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Below are the reviews from our patients who have experienced real and lasting results from Jennings Kinesiology & Chiropractic.

"I had a terrible back pain from a very long time. I went to Dr. Jennings he identified the problems in my back and neck and provided chiropractic fixes over several sessions. within 5 sessions, range of motion in my neck got a lot better. His spinal decompression treatment relived pressure and pain in my lower back and I feel a lot better. Dr. Jennings is very compassionate and respects his patients time. He is one of the awesome human being I have met. I highly recommend him if you have back/neck pain.

Thank you Dr. Jennings!"

Chandrakanth KP

“ I am forever grateful that I was referred to Dr. Jennings. Due to my injury, I have been suffering from neck, shoulder, and back pain for several years now. Just two weeks ago, I felt the same pain as the first time I was injured. I was at my wits' end because the pain level was 10 (severe pain). After I got my X-ray, Dr. Jennings explained the results and additional relevant information in a thorough and detailed manner. He is very skilled and knowledgeable. He is an exceptional doctor as I have never experienced these kinds of adjustments before. He knows where to target and how to address the issue. I can actually feel what it is like to have a normal neck, shoulder, and back. Thank you, Dr. Jennings! I look forward to my next session.​​​​​​​”

Maria Lourdes O.

“I am doctor Jennings' patient. I've just visited him a couple of times, but my arm no longer causes me pains and sleeplessness so badly as it did before. "there are doctors and there are doctors". Dr, Jennings is not a mediocre chiropractor, he is in fact an outstanding practicer in that medical branch. Professional knowledge, great experiences, great skills, and a well-equipped facility of him bring high-quality treatment. There is no effective healing if your doctor does not know in detail what is the problem, who has it, and how to fix it. Doctor Jennings does know what, who, and how.”

Mai Doan

“Dr. Jennings is truly an amazing man dedicated to the health and welfare of his patients. His knowledge, skills, and abilities are the reason my wife survived a life-threatening ailment caused by a dentist. She was days away from death's door and Dr. Jennings noted the possible cause and subsequently guided the dentist in how to rectify the situation. Within days after the dentist performed the assigned task my wife rapidly recovered and survived the ordeal. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Jennings' dedication to his profession.”

Barry S.

“I went to Dr Jennings for my back pain. I fell 2017 and had a hairline fracture in my sacrum and went to other ciropractors and acupuncturists and it felt good for a day and the pain came back. When I came to Dr Jennings the first session the pain went away. It stayed away. Also i just moved and i hurt my back so bad i was in pain. I called him and was able to see him that day. One session and the pain reduced to 80%. I saw him the next day the pain and my pain gone. I was able to move around so easily. Thank you Dr Jennings for all you help. You are a true healer.​​​​​​​”

Iam Iam

“Dr. Jennings truly is a miracle Dr. I had extreme lower back pain when I went to see him. I had already been to the emergency room and received an injection as well as an X-ray. I could barely move for over 2 weeks. I went to see Dr. Jennings and after one visit he took me from a pain of 9-10 to 1-2 overnight. I've been seeing him for just over 2 weeks now. I look forward to my visits. He is absolutely OUTSTANDING! His knowledge of the human body is mind-blowing. I highly recommend Dr. Jennings to anyone who has any type of pain. Thank you, Dr. Jennings”

Don Waller

“Life changing experience , Very professional and very talented doctor . Had unbearable back pain for a little over a year and after just a couple visits with the doctor my life has changed for the better. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED​​​​​​​”

Stilthy 00


I Once was a non-believer in alternative medicines and treatments, but now have experienced a true miracle through the treatments of Dr. Jennings and the encouragement from his outstanding staff! Dr. Jennings is a true professional in his field and because he believes in his work he will always be a healer, without the use of “Medicines”, but with the healing properties he has learned performing chiropractic principals with his patients. His medicine is his love for his work and his belief that the body has the ability to heal itself, this being the best healing prescription I’ve ever been prescribed. A true quality that would benefit the traditional world of western medicine!"

Donald Fulton


I have to say that after being poked and prodded be every type of doctor I finally found someone who helped me. Dr. Tim Jennings is very consciences and caring in his approach. He is also the only one who has truly helped me with my lower back and neck pain.

He is definitely the best, by far, that I has seen.​​​​​​​"

Roy Foreman


He's an excellent doctor. He listens and knows how to treat his patients. I'm very happy with his service. I recommend you go see his.​​​​​​​"

Hoang Tran


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